640 thousand Euros invested for the tribunes at the “Zahir Pajaziti” stadium


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, along with the mayor of Podujeva, Agim Veliu, and the president of the Kosovo Football Federation, Fadil Vokrri, laid the cornerstone for the construction of the tribunes at the Zahir Pajaziti Stadium in Podujeva, with the capacity of 3200 seats, according to the second category of UEFA, where will be invested 640 thousand Euros.

This is a joint investment of MCYS, Municipality of Podujeva and FFK. MCYS has drafted the project and therefore has invested the most in the project.

Minister Dumoshi expressed her satisfaction for inaugurating the investment at this stadium along with the mayor of Podujeva, Agim Veliu and the president of FFK, Fadil Vokrri.

She also said that this project is a continuation of the Government's program and policies, as well as its commitments to building and improving the sport infrastructure in the country.

She further stressed that MCYS had also invested earlier in this stadium.

Also, Minister Dumoshi expressed her gratitude for the contribution of athletes and especially FFK chairman Fadil Vokrri, for the development and advancement of Kosovo's sport, especially in Kosovo's membership in UEFA and FIFA.