Hoti met with GAI professor, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lüth


Deputy Minister Rexhep Hoti met with Prof. Dr. Friedrich Luth, Director for Cultural Heritage Issues in the German Archaeological Institute (DAI - Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) and his associates.

Prof. Luth’s purpose of the visit and the meeting’s topic of discussion were to assess the current cooperation and its deepening in the frame of the partnership between Kosovo and Germany in the field of archeology.

Hoti was informed by Deputy Dr. Luth about the achievements in the area of archeological cooperation so far, on ancient site of Ulpiana, where recently there have been notable advances. Also, the German professor informed Hoti that he is preparing the work report of 2009 - 2012 for the cooperation they have had with the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo, since, in this regard has also been signed a memorandum of cooperation in 2009.

Among other things, the professor of archeology also urged to further advance the cooperation with the population, especially in those places where there are archeological sites in order not to have obstacles to the progress of excavations and other works.

On the other side, Deputy Minister Rexhep Hoti thanked professor Luth for his professional contributions provided to the archeology in Kosovo. He offered his full support to the Professor of the German Archaeological Institute and expressed the readiness of MCYS for the continuation of cooperation and partnership with relevant German institutions, with the aim of installing a genuine tradition of work and archaeological activity also in Kosovo, which our country needs the most.

Deputy Minister Hoti also stressed four archaeological priorities that not only would testify about our autochthony but would change the substance and form of Western civilization of Balkan territory.

These priorities that Hoti and MCYS see vital and it is expected the intensification of work are: Ulpiana, Dresnik, Novobërda and early Paleochristian churches in Kosovo.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Hoti was accompanied by the Director of the Institute of Archaeology of Kosovo, Enver Rexha.