Manifesta 14, a different narrative for Kosovo


At the Grand Hotel in Pristina, the official press conference of the 14th edition of the Manifesta Biennale was held, an event that will officially begin tomorrowmore

Achievements in culture by now


An excerpt from the speech of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti at the 89th meeting of the Governmentmore

The second sports table for this year was held


Today, the second Sports Roundtable was held, a common platform for meetings of the sports community, which serves to build ideas for the development of the sports field in Kosovomore

Performance in memory of Adem Demaçi and Ukshin Hoti


Prishtina Prison Museum - Ideal Prison has already been transformed into a community space where numerous cultural activities are being organizedmore

The report on the protection of cultural heritage was presented


The OSCE mission in Kosovo has presented the latest thematic report, Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kosovomore


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