Kosovo Strategy for Youth 2013-2017 and action plan 2013-2015 (KSYAP) is a broad strategy of Kosovo Government for the youth. It aims the improvement of the situation of the youth for age groups 15-24, including all relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions, whereas this is thought to be conducted through research and fulfillment of the needs of youth, finding ways and mechanisms for its participation in decision-making processes in Kosovo. Kosovo Strategy for Youth and action plan for 2013-2017 (KSYAP) shall induce the cooperation between youth organizations and Government, respectively, between all ministries, activities of which relate to youth, as well as between central and municipal organisms in order to empower youth policies and programs. This strategy is interrelated with other governmental strategies.

KSYAP is consisted of two parts: from the policy documents itself or strategy and action plan, which is enclosed to this document as an appendix. The latter includes a plan of activities foreseen in this period in accordance with areas mentioned below. Kosovo Youth Policy commences with a detailed definition of the youth situation in Kosovo, from the presentation of the youth attitude in “the call to make changes”, youth participation in education, employment, health and up to culture, sports and recreation, ranking in each the strategy objectives in six thematic areas that affect the life of a young person, such as: youth participation, education, employment, entrepreneurship, health, human security and culture, sports and recreation.