Rexhep Hoti

Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

Rexhep Hoti was born in Krusha e Madhe on 12 January 1964. He finished his studies at the University of Kosovo, Albanian Language and Literature, and he finished the master degree in Philological Sciences at the same university, with the subject «Kombi dhe shteti në krijimtarinë e Kadaresë» (Nation and state in the composition of Kadare). He is attending doctoral studies at the Department of Political and International Sciences in the European University of Tirana, since 2013.

Mr. Hoti has a rich biography full of engagements in the field of media, studies, art and publications. As a student he issued the first published university newspaper, with the title «Fundamenti» (Fundament) at the MNS Faculty in Prishtina.

Mr. Hoti, in the beginning of 90s of the previous century, traveled with Ukshin Hoti to Ljubljana, where he initially was a lector of famous magazine «Alternativa», and later on became the editor of magazine «Demokracia Autentike», he also was also a co-founder of it together with Ukshin Hoti.

Mr. Hoti also founded the daily magazine «Infopress», and also the daily newspaper «Tribuna shqiptare», then the daily «Sport», and also the magazine titled «IPmagazinë» etc.

Mr. Hoti was also a political advisor to Prime-Minister Bajram Rexhepi. He opened the first office of the Government of Kosovo at UNMIK and at the same time was one of the drafters of the document «Standardet për Kosovën», (Standards for Kosovo), drafter of the document «Strategjia e Bashkëpunimit Qeveri-UNMIK» (Government-UNMIK Cooperation Strategy), he was a deputy of Kosovo Assembly, Director of the Albanian Diplomatic Academy, Kosovo Regional Office etc.

Mr. Hoti is author of several books, plenty of scientific works as well as a participant in many workshops and International Conferences. His most remarkable books are: «Visore të shthurura», «Nata e Kosovës», «Tempulli i fjalës», «Kosova përballë vetvetes», «Pesha e konsensusit», «Përzierje e trishtë», «Drama dhe gjenitë e Kosovës», «Flirti civil dhe ambasadori» etc.

He speaks German, English, and Serbo-Croatian. He is married and has three children. He lives in Prishtina.

E-mail: [email protected]